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Annual Meeting Minutes October 27, 2023

Meeting called to order by President Bob Stechert, 5:04pm. Quorum satisfied. Attendance:

In Person:Sanders Peterson #7, Ann Marie Sanders #8, Orros #9-10, Daneff-Monday #11-28-43-44, Marcinek #13, Williams #14-15, Kozak #17, Redmond #18, Wright #21 Smith #22, Crippin #24, Kaufmann #25, Conrad #26, Stechert #45.

ZOOM:Best #4, Reddy #5, Knox #6, Keehfuss #16, Beattie #19-20

Correction of the 2022 minutes requested by Ed Kozak, HOA Board member. Correction is: 7 for maintaining the berm & 10 against maintaining the berm. Motion by Joann Monday to approve 2022 Minutes, 2nd by Tom Conrad.

Ed Kozak, on behalf of the HOA Board recognized and thanked Carla Crippin for her years of service and hard work as Treasurer.

Financial Report of 2023 Budget & Actual to date Expenditures & 2024 Budget given by Ed Kozak. The HOA has no drawing of the irrigation system that was installed in Eagle Heights Subdivision. As a result, the HOA plans to complete an after the fact hard copy drawing of the system in order to adequately understand & maintain the system. The Board agreed to reserve $3000 to have this task completed.

An explanation of the General Account (day to day operating funds) vs the Reserve Account was given. These are items that are not budgeted for annually, but may be needed over time. The Special Assessment monies are deposited into the Reserve Account, which has a current balance goal of $15,000.

Reports of ARB Chairman Dan Daneff - Completion of 2 homes Lots #7 & 8 and Lot #5 & 16 are moving along.

Old Business - HOA Must Maintain: Mailbox covering/lighting, Entrance landscaping and the irrigation system.Entry, Walking Path & Waterfall. President Bob Stechert discussed the discontinuance of berm upkeep by the HOA. Lot owners will maintain their portion as they see fit. Entry landscape on the north & south side of Lone Eagle Way will be maintained by a professional Gardner, paid by the HOA. A request by the board for an easement grant for beautification on Lots #1, 18 & 15. Owners have agreed to this. The easements will need to be surveyed, platted and then deeded as such. A survey company & lawyer will be needed to complete this task. This will be an expense of the HOA. The walking path has over grown, Bob will speak with Hector, the association Gardner, to clear this. Irrigation Water - Bob continued the discussion of a watering schedule for 2024. Members were reminded that the flow was running at 90% this year. This rate is not guaranteed and there may be a significant decrease in upcoming years. It’s best to be prepared and not caught off guard. Greater consideration will be given to large lawn

areas, with relation to time of day, length of time, etc. Kelly Crippin reported that the gravity pressure was greatly increased when the intake was clean, so that more homes can be “online” at the same time. Volunteers will be solicited for a 1 week commitment to clean the intake grate. A memo will be sent out, closer to the needed date.

New Business - Surplus Funds in the General Account. Bob discussed what to do with excess funds in the General Account at years end. The Board agreed that they should be moved into the Reserve Account, thus lessening the need for prolonged Special Assessments to bolster the Reserve Account to the targeted goal of $15,000 or more. Special Assessment - The membership was asked to extend the Special Assessment of $100 for the 2024 & 2025 years. A vote was taken, it was unanimous, continue for 2 additional years. The Special Assessment is due in June of each year. Invoices will be sent. Irrigation Pond - The irrigation pond that borders lots #4,5,6, needs to be cleaned out. A bid of $5000 was received to clear a majority of the foliage and muck the mud. The Conrad’s have extended an invitation to dispose of the organic material on their upper property, to keep cost down. A 2nd bid was being sought. Siva Reddy suggested getting a solar aerator to keep the algae down. Bob would look into it. Miscellaneous - Gravel Pit & 5950 Road Paving - Bob gave a brief update on the Gravel Pit and where it stands in the courts. He has written information on this and will send it to those interested. Please email him if interested. Bob will request another traffic counter unit to be placed on 5950 Rd. in the spring. He will also request that the mag chloride coating be extended north, to the end of the development, to help mitigate dust.

Jerri Beattie posed a question regarding the merging of 2 or more lots. Many questions arose. Did this require a membership vote? Was it a county concern? How would this financially impact the HOA? Bob stated he would check with CCIOA and/or the county and send the answer out to the membership.

Board Election - Ballots were dispersed and collected. Counted by Joann Monday & Ev Kaufmann.New 2024 Board - elected were Bob Stechert, Ed Kozak, Greg Keehfuss, Karen Conrad and Ann Marie Sanders.

Meeting adjourned - 6:43pm Respectfully submitted by Karen Conrad

Eagle Heights Homeowner Association HOA 2024 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order, 6:50pm by President Bob Stechert. He welcomed our new members, Greg and Ann Marie. Board positions for 2024 were decided.President - Bob Stechert, Vice President - Ed Kozak, Treasuer - Greg Keehfuss,Secretaries - Karen Conrad & Ann Marie Sanders.

Meeting Adjourned - 6:55pm. Respectfully submitted by Karen Conrad

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