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Executive Board Meeting 10-7-2023 Minutes

Meeting called to order 10:30amIn attendance: Bob Stechert, Karen Conrad, Carla Crippin, Ed Kozak & Kelly Crippin Agenda HOA Annual meeting:

New Business:Motion made - Ed. To extend the $100/lot/year Special Assessment for the Reserve Account for 2 years, 2024 & 2025. 2nd - KellyVote - ALL IN FAVORMotion made - Ed. To move surplus funds from General Account to Reserve Account. 2nd Bob. Vote - ALL IN FAVOR.

2024 Budget - Adopted by Executive Board. Motion made - Karen 2nd KellyVote- ALL IN FAVOR.2024 Budget & Financials 2023 to be mailed to membership prior to annual meeting. Ed will go over the 2024 Budget, the types of expenditures allowed per account along with 2023 financial statements at the annual meeting. Carla & Ed will work together to make the reports more concise and easier to understand.

Pond Cleanup - Siva Reddy requested a cleanup on the overgrown foliage of the irrigation pond on his and neighboring properties. Motion made - Karen, 2nd - KellyBoard to receive 2 bids from contractors for the clean up of the pond, not to exceed $5000. The Conrad’s have extended their upper property for disposal of vegetation to keep from incurring a hauling & disposal cost. Vote - ALL IN FAVOR

Old Business:Permission for Beautification Easements for the entry on Lots 1 & 18 along with the trees on lot 14. Once this permission is granted by owners, a survey, re-plat and easement will be need to be completed. The easement is for the carry over of successors and will need to be drawn up by a real estate attorney.

Irrigation Water - a watering schedule for 2024 will be utilized. 2023 had a 90% flow of water, we need to prepare for a decreased amount for 2024. Kelly reports that when the intake is clear, we receive more pressure, thus creating more users at a time. A new grate was made and installed. Upkeep volunteers will be requested for 2024, 1 week duty for cleaning the intake.

Gravel Pit & 5950 Rd. Paving - Bob will give an update of the legal briefs filed by Matt Miles at the annual meeting. Anyone interested in the documents can get them from Bob. Bob will also request another traffic count be taken on 5950 Rd in the spring of 2024 with the completions of 4 additional homes.

Discussion of the email sent by Nick Orros, requesting topics for the annual meeting be placed on the agenda. These items have already been discussed. However, per Governance policy 3.3, 20% / 7 lots would need to agree in writing to have these items placed on the agenda. Motion made - Ed to send out an email to the owners of Orros’ requested topics for the annual meeting, 2nd Kelly. Vote - 4 in favor, Karen Conrad recused. Bob will send information to membership.

Proposal & motion made by Bob regarding the number of scheduled Executive Board meetings be 4 per year. January, April, July and October. These meetings will be noticed to the membership and held at a neutral location. Note: there may be some unscheduled Board meetings. Vote - ALL IN FAVOR

ARB member Kelly stated Lot owner 2 has not yet responded to notice sent by ARB. Bob will follow up with owner.

Meeting adjourned 11:55am Respectfully submitted by Karen Conrad

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