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Executive Board Meeting 7.28.23

HOA Board Minutes 7/28/2023 5pm In Attendance: Bob Stechert Karen Conrad (by phone) Carla Crippin Kelly Crippin Ed Kozak 1. Discussion of the appeal letter received for Lot 2, Owners Zach & Chelsea Canady. ARB notified owners that they were in non-compliance with regard to lighting fixtures, change of brick color from approved & hot tub. Approval for the changes of color and recommendations to be suggested to make the lighting & hot tub less obtrusive motion made by Ed Kozak and @nd by Karen Conrad. Bob is to send letter to Zach & Chelsea Canady. 2. ARB is concerned with the dirt disruption and possibility of erosion on Lot 27 Casias & Lot 16 Keehfuss. Board decided this is an ARB matter, should handle it with owners. 3. Reserve Account (Special Assessment) at Alpine Bank. This account had been decided to be held for future maintenance of the association. Motion made by Ed to sweep the General Fund Account (Bank of Colorado) at the end of year and place in Reserve Account to achieve target amount. 2nd Kelly Crippin. 4. Discussion of email received by Lot 5 Siva Reddy with regard to the pond and need for maintenance. More information is needed as to what this will entail, ie., excavation, tree removal, etc. To be discussed at a later meeting. Meeting Adjourned 5:44pm Motion by Ed, 2nd Bob.

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