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Executive Board Meeting 6.15.23

HOA Board Minutes 6/15/2023 3pm In attendance: Bob Stechert Karen Conrad Carla Crippin Kelly Crippin Ed Kozak Irrigation watering amounts and time period per lot were discussed. Ed made the statement that “Lot owners spend their money to beautify their property with trees, shrubs and plants. The owners use irrigation water during the summer to keep their investment healthy. We, the HOA Board, cannot hurt their investment by keep watering the berm!" Kelly believes that the berm can be watered with gravity & not utilizing the pump. Not all lots are developed, but a schedule is needed to make the water use equitable. Motion by Bob for a 2 hour use period, 2nd by Kelly. A schedule is to be constructed and sent by email to all lot owners. Meeting adjourned 4:35pm

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