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Executive Board Meeting 2/21/2023

Executive Board Meeting 4:00 pm Location: Bob Stechert’s home Minutes 2/21/2023 Attendance: Bob Stechert Karen Conrad Carla Crippin Ed Kozak Kelly Crippin

Ed Kozak - motion to have updated budget presented quarterly to the Board - 2nd Bob Stechert. All in favor.

Ed Kozak suggested that the “Special Assessment” language be changed to “Special Assessment Reserve”. All in favor.

The Board adopted the updated Responsible Governance Policies, effective February 28, 2023.

Bob Stechert presented an email “Settlement Required” dated 2/16/23 from Nick Orros. The email was reviewed and discussed by the board and the decision to decline Nick Orros settlement demands. Bob is to contact Nick with the Boards decision. Karen Conrad recused herself.

Meeting adjourned 5:15pm Respectfully submitted Karen Conrad

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